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Top Diy DIY: Jewelry Soap

DIY: Jewelry Soap


DIY: Jewelry Soap

【 What you need】
・M&P soap…meltable in a microwave
・Food coloring powder
・Glitter powder
・Heat‐resistant container
・Ice maker
・Utility knife
・Cutting mat

1. Cut M&P soap small and put in a heat resistant container.
2. Heat it up at 500W in a microwave, stir it.
3. Again put in a microwave for 2 mins and make it melt.
4. Take it from microwave, add a little food coloring powder.
5. Cool it for a while at room temperature and make it harden.
6. When it hardens, cut it tiny and put in an ice maker.
7. Doing the same as the above, put plain M&P soap in a microwave to melt it.
8. Add and stir glitter powder.
9. Pour it into a container of an ice maker we already made, cool it to make it harden.
10. Take them out from an ice maker, and cut them in the shape of gemstone jewelry.

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