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Top Sweets Clear Galaxy Jelly 🌠

Clear Galaxy Jelly 🌠


Clear Galaxy Jelly 🌠

CCHAN Cooking
Clear Galaxy Jelly 🌠

It is a dessert that will delight your eyes and tongue ♡

Chocolate red bean stick
・ Water… 240ml
・ Smooth red bean paste… 500g
・ Chocolate… 120g
・ Fresh cream… 40ml
・ Gelatin… 2g

Galaxy Jelly
・ Water… 250ml
・ Sugar… 25g
・ Gelatin… 2g
・ Food color ... 2 suitable
・ Gold powder… appropriate amount
・ Silver powder: appropriate amount

■ Steps:
1. Put the water in a pan, add water, mix and heat until thick.
2. Add chocolate and whipped cream to dissolve, then add gelatin and dissolve while mixing.
3. Put in mold and cool in refrigerator for 3 hours
4. When 3 is hardened, take it out, cut it in half, and put it back in the mold.
5. Put water and sugar in a pan, melt over medium heat, add gelatin and stir to dissolve.
Add gold powder, silver powder and food color and mix.
6. Pour 5 into the remaining half of 4 and chill in the refrigerator for 3 hours to complete.

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