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Top Sweets Whole Banana Wrapped Cake

Whole Banana Wrapped Cake


Whole Banana Wrapped Cake

CCHAN Cooking
・Plain flour...50g
・Heavy cream...few

1, Place egg liquid, sugar in a bowl and have them combine well. Then place the bown on a larger bowl of hot water to heat , use a whisker instead to blend the ingredients continuously until the temp of egg liquid reaches 40 degrees.
Take the bowl off of the hot bowl and apply hand mixer to blend it until the texture goes fluffy.
2, Add sifted plain flour little by little to the mixture and blend it with a rubber stapular until the peak is slight lifted. Prepare a sheet of baking paper and have it ready in the round cake mould(15cm). Pour the mixture in the mould and ban 2~ 3 times to get rid of bubbles from the mixture.
3, Transfer the cake to a preheated 160 degrees oven for 25 mins.
4, Take the cake off of the mould and let it chill. Slice from the side in 3 serves, spread cream over the cake and top banana and bend in half to finish.

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