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Top Makeup Color Themed Makeup Looks🎨

Color Themed Makeup Looks🎨


Color Themed Makeup Looks🎨

Color Themed Makeup Looks

Ever get the knack to just throw on a wild color and go with it?

RED. (Red)
Coral eyebrow is used to push the eyebrows and change the color. Transparent dull red ribbon turns your hair into a cute red feminine style.

PURPLE. Purple has a lavender tone to create a pretty impression. Add hair elastics randomly to make it look more trendy.

YELLOW. (Yellow) Put a shadow beside the eyelid to complete the eye area with a great impact. If you put it together with loose hair, it will be a sweet yellow girl.

GREEN. (Green) Green mascara for a stylish look! Braid it using khaki and green cords.

BLUE. (Blue) A sharp impression using two color eyeliners with different tones. If the hair is tight and compact, a cool blue girl look is completed.

[Use cosmetics]
Maybelline New York
Fashion blow color drama mascara coral
Â¥ 1000 (excluding tax)
Inquiries 03-6911-8272

Rouge The Fusion FEEL IT 16
Â¥ 3,000 (excluding tax)
Contact 0120-952-438

■ Visee Avant
Single Eye Color 024 Mustard
Â¥ 800 (excluding tax / research by editorial department)
Contact 0120-526-311

■ Stationary cosmetics
Coupy pattern color mascara moss green
Â¥ 1,500 (excluding tax)

■ UZU (UZU by Flowfushi)
Eye opening liner navy / light blue
Â¥ 1,500 (excluding tax)
Contact information 0120-963-277

・ Other cosmetics staff personal items

Starring: Hitomi Matsuo
Hair and Makeup: Hair: Yuriko Watanabe @ Know Who

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