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Top Diy Red Thread of Fate Necklace

Red Thread of Fate Necklace


Red Thread of Fate Necklace

I want to make a heart with a red thread in a fateful red thread style!
I don't think there are any pinpoints, but you can easily make the shape you want by putting it in a larger mold after shaping it.
Since it seems to be a technique that can be applied in various ways, please arrange your favorite designs.

[Things to prepare]
・ Soft mold heart
・ UV-LED resin HARD
・ UV light
・ yarn
・ Toning stick
・ Soft mold round plate
・ Wire hoop round 25mm
・ Round part
・ necklace chain

1. Put UV resin in soft heart mold and cure with UV light
2. After making the heart plate, wrap the thread and harden with resin
3. Put 2 and resin in a round plate to adjust the shape of the thread and then harden
4. Cut the excess thread and bond the wire hoop with resin.
5. Complete with a round can attached to the necklace chain!

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