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Melting egg galette


Melting egg galette

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You think galette as the dish that you can eat outside? In fact, you can easily make the one at your home! It becomes a sweet once you add some fruits int it!
You can also enjoy the different tastes just by adding various ingredients!

<Ingredients> for two people
egg: 1
salt: one scoop
soft flour: 10g
soba flour: 50g
milk: 150ml

butter: proper quantity
pizza cheese: 60g
camambert cheese: 30g
eggs: 2

raw ham, baby leaf, mini tomato you can put them with your taste

<How to make>
1, add egg into the bowl and put salt, soft flour, soba flour, and milk.
2, put a bit butter on the pan and add the half texture. spread the texture as whole pan.

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