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Top Makeup Gorgeous Face Chinese Make-Up

Gorgeous Face Chinese Make-Up


Gorgeous Face Chinese Make-Up

CCHAN Beauty
★ Base and eyebrows
① Apply slightly brighter primer and pat in the foundation close to skin color from above.
② Draw the whole eyebrow with powder eyebrow.
※ If you use a slightly brighter color than the hair face will appear to brighten up!
③ Put a bright pearl filled shadow on your nose and beneath your eyes.

★ Eye Makeup
① Put a shadow of orange gold from eye corner to corner.
② Put dark gray shadow on the top and bottom of your eyes.
③ Fill around the eyes with a black pencil type eye line.
④ Overwrite with the liquid liner and draw wing slightly upwards
⑤ Curl eyelashes and apply mascara
⑥ Put on the false eyelashes. This time, used 2 and 5 of Dolly Wink!
⑦ Place the orange blush on the cheekbones from the bottom to the top.
⑧ Draw eyeline again to hide eyelash glue

★ Lip makeup
① Draw the contour of the lip with a pencil and color with the stick lip.
※ Red lip is recommended!

<Used Items>
Upper eyelash / Dolly Wink No.2 Sweet girly by KOJI
Lower eyelash / Dolly Wink No.5 Real nude by KOJI

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