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Top Diy Heart Earrings Using Clay♡

Heart Earrings Using Clay♡


Heart Earrings Using Clay♡

· Silicone mold 3D heart type
· Resin clay Grace
· Baby Oil
· Toothpicks
· Instant adhesives
· Screw eye
· gloves
· Flat pincers
· Special glue for jewelry powder
· A brush
· water
· Jewelry powder
· Round jump ring
· Stone parts
· Earring parts
1) Apply baby oil to the silicon mold, pack clay in and layer
2) Remove the upper mold, remove extra with a toothpick
3) Remove from the mold and let it dry (about 1 day)
4) Apply adhesive to screw eye and plug into Heart
5) Apply thin jelly powder evenly to the entire heart
※ If you wet the brush with water it will be easier to paint
6) Dry the glue (about 3 minutes)
7) Rub the powder in onto the heart
8) Dry it and connect it with the earring parts with a round jump ring to complete!
※ Complete drying takes about 3 days

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