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Top Diy Ways to Display your Photo Frames♡

Ways to Display your Photo Frames♡


Ways to Display your Photo Frames♡

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<Say Good Bye to Wall Pins! Ways to Display your Photo Frames♡>

It’s never easy trying to hang up our favourite photos, especially when it leaves holes in the wall!

Well, here's a new way to display your photos without damaging your walls! All you need is a Glue Gun and Washi Tape! :-)

■Time Used:10 min
■Total Cost:100 Yen

・Glue Gun
・Washi Tape

1. Stick the Washi tape of your desired length on to the wall.
2. Add glue gun on the Washi tape and stick the frame before the glue dries out.

※If the walls are painted, the paint might fall out. Try this method out at the corner of the wall first to prevent any accidents.

<DIY Flower Photo Stand♡>

Don’t you want to keep your memories into a beautiful frame with flowers?
You can write messages onto the frame so this DIY is perfect for gifts as well◎

■Time Used: About 15 min.
■Total Cost: Around 500 yen

・Acrylic Photo Frame(Daiso)
・White Marker or Posca
・Pressed Flowers
・Printed Words
・Washi Tape

1、Tape the the printed words behind the photo frame with Washi Tape.
2、Flip the photo frame and trace the words with the white Posca or marker.
3、Remove the printed word after tracing.
4、Place the photo on the photo frame.
5、Use tweezers and place the pressed flowers onto the frame.
6、Cover the cover board over and fasten up.
You are done!

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