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Top Cooking What is it?! Gourmet Taiwanese Dish!

What is it?! Gourmet Taiwanese Dish!


What is it?! Gourmet Taiwanese Dish!

CCHAN Cooking
What is it?! Gourmet Taiwanese Dish!

■ Ingredients
・ Fine flour powder ... 2 cups
・ Water: 6 cups
・ Tapioca powder… 1 cup
・ Starch powder ... 1 cup
・ Pork belly ... 150g
・ Bamboo shoot… 100g
・ Dried shiitake mushrooms ... 15
・ Shallot… 5 pieces
・ Soy sauce ... 1 tablespoon
・ Salt ... some
・ White pepper ... 1 tsp
・ Sugar ... 1 tsp
・ Chinese 5 spices.. 1/2 teaspoon
・ Chili sauce ... 3 tablespoons
・ Ketchup ... 3 tablespoons
・ Sugar ... 3 tbsp
・ Potato starch ... 1 tablespoon
・ Water: 300ml

・ Cilantro… appropriate amount
・ Oil… appropriate amount

■ Steps
For the sauce put ingredients in a pan and heat until thickened
1. Add the dough and water in a pan and mix with a wooden spatula over medium heat until sticky.
2. Add tapioca flour and potato flour and mix.
3. Add oil to frying pan and fry shallot. When it begins to smell nice, add pork belly, bamboo shoots and dried shiitake mushrooms and stir. Add seasoning and fry further.
4. Apply a thin layer of oil to the bowl and spread the dough around the plate. Put the ingredients in the center and spread the dough on top.
5. Steam for 20 minutes in a steamer. Remove from the bowl when cool.
6. Heat a lot of oil in a frying pan and add 5 to make a thin grill.
7. Add sauce and serve with cilantro to complete.

Production: Kiriko Miura

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