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Top Diy DIY! Cute Soaps 4 Ways

DIY! Cute Soaps 4 Ways


DIY! Cute Soaps 4 Ways

Cute DIY Cheese and Mouse soap🐭🧀

It looks like the real thing!
Mouse and cheese are actually soap !?
Surprise someone by putting it on the sink!

[Materials needed]
・ MP soap white
・ Heat-resistant container / paper cup
・ Red food yellow
・ Cookie type
・ Mouse mold
・ Tray
・ Masking tape
・ Cutter mat
・ knife
・ Fruit scoop
・ paint

1. Put MP soap in a container.
2. Color with food coloring.
3. Apply masking tape to the cookie mold and pour the melted MP soap into it.
4. Once it has cooled and solidified, remove it from the mold and cut it into triangles.
5. Make holes in the cut soap with a scoop.

6. Make a different color with the same procedure from 1 ~ 4.
7. Blacken the eyes and beard of the mouse mold with paint.
8. Pour 6 into the mouse mold.
9. Once it cools and hardens, remove it from the mold and arrange it with the cheese to complete!

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