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3D Jelly Tart


3D Jelly Tart

CCHAN Cooking
Very cute and mesmerizing, perfect for photos♡Round Shaped Tart
Very easy to make as well!

■Cooking time:10min.(Cooling time not included)
■Total Cost:1100 Yen

■Materials (For 4 quantities of 7cm Tarts mold)
・grenadine syrup…1 Tablespoon
・Cranberry juice…250ml
・Lemon Juice…1/2 Teaspoon
・Water…3 Tablespoons
・Tart Cup…4
・Fresh Cream…desired amount

(Prepare) Warm the water for at 600w microwave for 45seconds and mix it with Gelatin.

1.Mix Cranberry juice, grenadine syrup and lemon juice together. Add the gelatin mixed water that you prepared and mix it well again.
2. Pour the liquid that you made in step 1 into the round shaped mold or one tray, and cool it in the fridge.
3. Place the round jelly made in step 2 into the tart cup with whipped cream and you are done♪

※You can also make an orange juice version by using orange juice instead of cranberry juice.

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