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Top Culture Useful Emergency Goods for Girls!

Useful Emergency Goods for Girls!


Useful Emergency Goods for Girls!

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Useful Emergency Goods for Girls!

Many people should have an emergency bag in case of a disaster or other emergency.
In addition to the basic set, we will introduce women's goods that you want to keep in an emergency bag.

① Non-wire bra
Some say, “they didn't have my size in the shelter supplies."
It's a good idea to add a few pieces that fit your needs.
The non-wire type, which doesn’t lose its shape even if you store emergency bags for a long time, is recommended.

② All-in-one makeup
What you use everyday, such as toners, serums, and lotions
When you bring a set, it becomes bulky and the emergency bag becomes heavy.
Let's put one all-in-one type skincare that completes skin care with one!
Unopened skincare can last about three years, so don't forget to replace them before they expire!

③ Dry shampoo
When you go to an evacuation center, you don't always take a bath as usual ...
Dry shampoo reduces scalp discomfort without the need for water ◎

④Feminine goods
I always want to keep sensitive parts clean.
It is quite difficult to take a bath, especially during menstruation.
We recommend the wet tissue for the delicate zone in order for a little more comfort.
One of the items you want to have is a wiping type and most things can be flushed into the toilet.
Some say, "Some of the supplies were napkins, but they’re small.“
Prepare your napkins well for nighttime!

⑤ Security buzzer
A disaster when you do not know what will happen.
Always keep it handy to avoid getting involved in crime.
Also, by attaching it in a place that is easy to see, it is also a security measure ◎

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