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Top Sweets Flavored Ice Cube Variations for Drinks!

Flavored Ice Cube Variations for Drinks!


Flavored Ice Cube Variations for Drinks!

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Up Your Everyday Drink♡
Flavored Ice Cube Variations for Drinks

case1: Colorful fruit cube
・ Your favorite fruit (strawberry, blueberry, kiwi, orange, mint)
・Carbonated drink

■ Steps
Add fruit and water to an ice tray, freeze, and pour carbonated drink.

case2: Lassi Cube
■ Ingredients:
・ Yogurt ... 250g
・ Sugar ... 2 tablespoons
・ Lemon juice ... a little
・ Milk ... 250ml

■ Steps
1. Mix yogurt, sugar and lemon juice and freeze in an ice tray.
2. Put the milk in a glass.

case3: Honey lemon cube
■ Ingredients:
・ Lemon… 1/2
・Iced tea

■ Steps
1. Put the lemon sliced ​​in a slice into ice cubes, add honey, water, freeze, and pour tea.

case4: Cafe au lait, ice cocoa cube
・ Instant coffee ... appropriate amount (make it darker)
・ Milk ... however much you want to drink

■ Steps
Make a dark coffee, put it in an ice tray and freeze it, then put it in a glass and pour the milk.

In the same way
If you freeze cocoa, it will become a delicious ice cocoa!

case5: stripe cube
・ Mango ... appropriate amount
・ Calpis: appropriate amount
・ Strawberry… A proper amount

■ Steps
1.Mango and strawberry are crushed well with a fork etc. to make a paste.
2. Freeze in order of mango, calpis, strawberry.
3. Pour soda or iced tea.
POINT: Even liqueur is OK ♡

case6: Gummy cube
■ Ingredients:
・ Your favorite gummy ... the right amount
・Carbonated drink

■ Steps:
Freeze gummy and water in an ice tray and pour carbonated drink.

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