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Top Sweets Water Jelly Cake♡

Water Jelly Cake♡


Water Jelly Cake♡

CCHAN Cooking
■ Ingredients
---- Agar Jelly ----
· Water ... 250ml
· Powdered agar ... 2 g
· Sugar ... 25g
· Red food coloring ... a little
· Blue food coloring ... a little

· Sugar ... 25g
· Agar ... 10g
· Water ... 300ml

Toppings as you like
· Brown sugar syrup ... appropriate amount
· Kinako (soybean flour) powder ... appropriate amount
· Red bean paste ... appropriate amount

■ Steps
1. For the agar jelly, mix water and powder agar in a pan. A little later, add sugar and mix while letting it boil. When it boils, mix for about 2 minutes over medium heat.
2. Divide 1 in two halves and color each with food coloring and cool in a refrigerator until it solidifies.
3. Once cool, break jelly from step 2 roughly with a fork.
4. Add sugar and agar to a bowl and mix. Pour water into the pan and add the sugar and agar a little at a time. Cook over medium heat while mixing until agar melts. Remove from heat and let cool.
5. Place an appropriate amount of agar jelly from step 3 in a round mold, pour 4 over it into the mold and let it cool in a refrigerator until it solidifies. It’s done♪

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