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Top Life Hack 4 Cooking Tricks to Use Right Now!👨‍🍳
Life Hack

4 Cooking Tricks to Use Right Now!👨‍🍳

Life Hack

4 Cooking Tricks to Use Right Now!👨‍🍳

No Harm in Knowing!
4 Cooking Tricks to Use Right Now

case1: Removing corners

1. Put the vegetables you want to cut into a metal colander. (Carrot, potato, radish, etc.)
2. After putting on the lid, just turn it around!

case2: How to avoid having to wash many times
When making sweets, it is annoying to wash the measuring spoon ...
In such a case!

1. Put flour into the bowl, smooth the surface, and press the measuring spoon.
2. Just make a hole with the measuring spoon and put in what you want to measure!

case3: How to reduce calories in fried food in 30 seconds
Fried food is delicious but the calories are high ...
In such a case!

1.Fry as usual ...
2. Just put the fried food in a salad spinner and turn it around 30-40 times!

The oil is 1g = 9kcal, so if it is 8g oil, 72kcal will be reduced in calories.

case4: How to make whipped cream in 10 seconds
Whipping whipped cream by hand takes time and gets tired ...
In such a case!

1. Just add lemon juice to fresh cream and mix with a spoon!
1 teaspoon of lemon juice per 100ml of fresh cream!
You can make whipped cream with the right softness to add to cakes etc. ♪

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