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Top Diy 2 Minimal DIY Cases to Try🎉

2 Minimal DIY Cases to Try🎉


2 Minimal DIY Cases to Try🎉

<What to prepare>
・ Handicraft resin clay
・ tweezers
・ Blond mirror powder
・ Flat brush
・ Artistic wire
・ Yellow beads
・ Flat Pincers
・ Plain smartphone case
・ Chain
・ Deco Princess (adhesive for craft)
・ Plastic dome

1. Cut a suitable amount of resin clay to make a cube. Attach the parts that are as small as the lid you want to make together to create a robot body.
2. Use a flat brush to paint blonde mirror powder on clay and color.
3. Cut an appropriate amount of wire and insert it into clay to make it a limb.
4. Attach the beads to the largest part. Make robots of various sizes with this procedure.
5. Attach a chain with a can to a plain smartphone case, and attach a small robot between the cans. Attach the robot to the bottom of the case with adhesive.
6. Put the remaining robot pieces in the dome and glue it to the case so that it can be put on the chain.

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