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Top Diy DIY : Cute orange soap

DIY : Cute orange soap


DIY : Cute orange soap

· MP soap clear / white
·Heat resistant container
· Food coloring
· Disposable chopsticks
· Cookie mold 3 types
· Receiving tray
·Masking tape
· Cutting mat
1, Put MP soap clear in container and warm
2, Mix in food coloring
3, Paste masking tape on small cookie mold and pour the melted MP soap into it
4, Let cool and set
5, Remove from the mold, and cut into 8 equal parts
6, Cut the corner of the cut soap
※ At this time, if you scratch the side with a toothpick etc., the soap will stick together better
7, Paste masking tape on the medium sized cookie mold and arrange the cut soap
8, Put the MP soap white in a container and melt it
9, Pour the soap dissolved in 7 in and cool it
10, Take out from the mold, put masking tape on large cookie mold and put the soap that has been chilled in there
11, Melt MP soap white and food coloring in a container
12, Pour the soap dissolved into 10 and cool it
13, Remove from the mold, cut extra parts

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