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Top Gourmet [Singapore]Pink Panther & Hulk cocktails

[Singapore]Pink Panther & Hulk cocktails


[Singapore]Pink Panther & Hulk cocktails

Audrey Patricia
Paddy Hills is an Australian inspired cafe by day and tapas bar by night. Situated at South Buona Vista, the location is quiet and away from the crowds, it’s really a cozy place without the hubbubs of the city. The seating is spacious and a coffee bar planted in the middle of the cafe - interior is also classy with a rustic touch of wooden furnitures plus neon lights to welcome diners. The things that I really truly love about Paddy Hills are their unique delicious cocktail drinks. In this visit I had Pink Panther and Gentle Hulk - Pink Panther made from grapefruit, vanilla and bubbles (literally bubbles) and Gentle Hulk are made from midori, shirayuki sake, peachtree, milagro topped with purple cotton candy. Both drinks are really refreshing and had a unique touch. The way cotton candy melted in the drink made the taste of Gentle Hulk change to be more grape-ish. Loving everything about this cafe! Plus the mural outside is so fun!

Paddy Hills

address 38 South Buona Vista Road Singapore 118164
ウェブ www.facebook.com/paddyhills.sg

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