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Top Life Hack Too many ice packs? Fun Ice Pack Uses!
Life Hack

Too many ice packs? Fun Ice Pack Uses!

Life Hack

Too many ice packs? Fun Ice Pack Uses!

1 cleaning
■ What you need
・ ice pack
・ Kitchen duster

■ Steps
1. Open the the ice pack and apply an appropriate amount to the kitchen duster cloth.
2. Polish the faucet.

Coolant substitutes for abrasives, making it shiny!
It can be used in the same way for mirrors ♪

2 deodorant
■ Materials
・ Ice packs (Use two 60g in animation)
・ bottle
・ Essential oil
・ Gauze (non-woven is also acceptable)
・ Hemp string

■ Steps
1. Open ice packs into a jar.
2. Add a few drops of essential oil and mix.
3. Gauze the bottle and tie it with a linen string

Because the same ingredients as deodorant are used, it has the same deodorizing effect!
The scent also spreads by adding the essential oil.

3 Squishable toy
■ Materials:
・ Cooling agent (Use 60g for 3 videos)
・ 2 thick zipper bags
・ Beads, glitter, sequins, etc.
※ Please do not use something pointed.
·Vinyl tape

■ Steps:
1. Open the zipper bag and add ice pack contents.
2. Insert beads and glitter.
3. Remove air, close bag and secure with tape.
4. Double the zipper bag and secure in the same way.
Your child will love it too!
They will love it more when there is something shiny in it~
※ When playing, adults should be careful not to break the bag

Starring: Marie

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