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Top Diy Tie dye is in! DIY Tie Dye Book

Tie dye is in! DIY Tie Dye Book


Tie dye is in! DIY Tie Dye Book

【What You Need】
Tie-dye dye
・ Half a paper
・ Watercolor paint
・paper cup

Miniature book
・ 15-20 sheets of text paper (100 x 35 mm)
・ Two colored paper (100 x 35mm)
・ Cover paper (130 × 50mm)
・ Cover for cover (54 × 37mm)
・ Back cover paper (5 × 37mm)
・ String for bookmarks (thin ribbon is acceptable) 65mm
・ tape
・ bond
・ Brush
・ clip

① Dye the cover with tie dye.
1. Fold half a paper cut in half. Fold both sides in half outward.
2. Fold the outsides into a triangle and zigzag inwards to make a small triangle.
3. Add water and paint in a paper cup and make 3 dark colored water cups.
4. Place the corners of the half paper folded in a triangle on the colored water.
5. Gently spread the paper and let it dry completely.
6. Cut so that it covers the paper size. Cut the corners so that they fit into the frame.

② Make the inside of the book
1. Apply a thin layer of bond to the edge of the dyed cover and place the paper on top. Fold it over and paste it.
2. Fold the main body paper in half and paste the folded paper on the first and last pages.
3. Clip the part without the bond with a clip and dry it.
4. Affix the strap to the back of the book with tape.
5. Completed by applying a thin bond at the border between the cover and the cover sheet and pasting the text sheet.

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