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Top Hair 3 Hairstyle Arranges

3 Hairstyle Arranges


3 Hairstyle Arranges

CCHAN ヘアアレンジ

Turtle Neck Tops comes on trend every winter.
It’s warm and cute and we all love them, but it’s hard to decide what hairstyles match with the outfit, right?

We have 3 hairstyle arranges that will fit with turtle necks and make you become an Fashionista.

■Arrange 1
①Leave the side hairs, and start making a lower bun.
②Start braiding the hair that is left at the sides.
③Wrap the braided hair around the lower bun that you created at ①

①Separate your hair diagonally into two sections and start braiding them.
②Put the right braided section of the hair into the left braided section’s knot.
③Use pins and hair accessories and you are done!

①Create an half up ponytail and tuck the pony tail through the space between your head and the knot.
②Grab the hair that is around your face and twist them and place them within ①
③Create a bun with leftover hair
④Use hair accessories to hide the hair tie and you are done.

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