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Top Diy DIY Your Personal Phone Case♡

DIY Your Personal Phone Case♡


DIY Your Personal Phone Case♡

DIY Your Personal Phone Case♡

Easily transfer photos of your dog, cat, and other various photos!

【Working time】
50 minutes (excluding bond drying time)

【Material to prepare】
1 smartphone case 1 piece (video sample is clear, hard case)
2 resin 10g
3 bond
4 Printed out photos of your choice on copy paper
5 masking tape
6 kitchen papers

【Tools to prepare】
1UV light (UV light reference price: 1680 yen on amazon)
Two toothpicks
3 brushes
4 pencils
5 scissors

【How to make】
1 Print out the photo and draw lines according to the corner roundness of the case and cut it
2 Combine the photo and the case and fasten with masking tape
Apply bond to the entire 3 cases and paste the picture exactly
4 Wait until the bond is completely dry
(5) If it gets dry, wet and squeeze the kitchen paper with water, moisten little by little and slowly remove the paper
6Put the resin so that the entire case is coated when you finish peeling off the paper
7 put in UV light for 3 to 5 minutes, take out once hardened

Please remove with tweezers (toothpick) so that air bubbles do not remain in the resin
Please be sure to take out the resin after hardening
Please be careful not to spill resin from the side
It can not be transferred by printer, please use one printed by laser printer
Do not peel off until the bond is completely dry
Wet and squeeze the kitchen paper, moisten it little by little, and slowly remove the paper with your finger.
If you are peeling off the paper and the color of the ink becomes dark, please peel it more carefully
It takes time to peel off the paper, please note that if it gets too wet or rubs too hard it will peel off or tear away the ink part


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