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Top Gourmet 【Thailand】Snow ice at Midnight Pangyen

【Thailand】Snow ice at Midnight Pangyen


【Thailand】Snow ice at Midnight Pangyen

Bri B.
There are too many reasons to cool down in Bangkok. If you head to the Rajchada Train Night Market, you can find the perfect thing to help you with that. The shaved ice at Midnight Pangyen inside the market, is a beauty of its own kind. These shaved ice towers are like nothing you’ve seen before. There are plenty of options for toppings but what I finally got was a big bowl of shaved ice, poured with chocolate sauce and covered with brownie, malt powder and crispy bread. It was perfect!! The market also has a wide variety of shops full of clothes and vintage furniture. ‘Midnight Pangyen’ is one of the few restaurants that have a special desserts and the are worth the visit! - Pangyen - ranging from 40 - 100 baht

Midnight Pangyen

address Midnight Pangyen,Rajchada Train Night Market

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