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Top Diy Tortoiseshell DIY Accessories!

Tortoiseshell DIY Accessories!


Tortoiseshell DIY Accessories!

[Things to prepare]
・ KIYOHARA silicon frame
・ KIYOHARA UV & LED craft resin solution
・ Resin colorant "Gemstone Agate" Orange, Yellow, Brown
・ Toning stick, toning plate
・ UV light
・ KIYOHARA LED & UV craft resin coating solution
・ Bronze colored beads
・ Glass stone
・ Nobilon (rubber wire)
・ Hand drill
・ Silver beads

1. Color the resin in 3 colors, mix the colors in the mold little by little, cure with UV light for about 30 seconds, and remove from the mold. Prepare 8 of the same.
2. Apply the coating solution on one side, place the attached film, and cure.
3. Turn the resin over and put the appropriate amount of beads and glass stones inside, and enclose it with the coating solution and special film. Make two of these.
4. Use a hand drill on the side of the resin to make 2 holes on each side, a total of 4 holes, and pass the wire though. Connect the beads with other resin.
5. When all the resins are connected, connect the wires and cut off the excess part.

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