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Top Diy Pretty Handmade DIY Flower Card

Pretty Handmade DIY Flower Card


Pretty Handmade DIY Flower Card

Pretty DIY Flower Card

This time we made a message card with scattered flowers!
Isn’t it more touching when you make a handmade card for someone?
We recommend that you combine the letter with the receiver’s favorite flowers and colors. Please try it out!

【Things necessary】
Quilling paper 5 mm wide 30 colors
・ Quilling bar
・ Size board
・ Tweezers
・ Scissors
・ Perforation
・ Empty bottle
・ Curling coach
・ Pin
・ Cardboard (pink, dark pink main)
・ Bond
・ Postcard
・ Craft punch

1. Cut paper quilling paper (red, pink, green) in half
2. Round the pink and hold the end with bond
3. Press the center of the rounded pink part to make it into a cherry blossom petal shape
4. Repeat 5 times to make 5 pieces and hold together each petal with bond
5. Cut the half cut red in half
6. Round the cut red and repeat step 2
7. Make the same five pieces and hold each petal with bond
8. Round the green paper the same as you rounded step 2
9. Make the other side sharp
10. Write a message
11.Fix the flowers made onto the message card with bond
12. Complete!

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