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Top Sweets Melty Chocolate Mochi♡

Melty Chocolate Mochi♡


Melty Chocolate Mochi♡

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Melty Chocolate Mochi♡

Easy! Just mix! With mochi and chocolate, you can make delicious delicious melted sweets! It's irresistible for chocolate lovers ♡ chocolate sweets ♡

■ Ingredients
Outside chocolate rice cake
・ Cut mochi ... 3
・ Sugar ... 20g
・ Milk ... 75ml
・ Chocolate ... 50g
・ Cocoa powder ... appropriate amount
・ Chocolate to put inside … Appropriate amount

■ Steps:
1. Put the chocolate mochi ingredients in a bowl, heat in a microwave and mix well.
2. Put on cocoa powder and sprinkle with cocoa powder and cut into desired size.
3. Put the chocolate inside and roll it up to finish ♪

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