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Top Nail Matte Heart Knit Nails ♡

Matte Heart Knit Nails ♡


Matte Heart Knit Nails ♡

Matte Heart Knit Nails ♡

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It's the season when the freezing cold seems to continue forever…
Try on a nail that makes your fingertips feel warm and hot before the season ends!

It’s a classic design in winter
Arrange it in a heart shape ♡

Let's enjoy winter fashionably with lovely cute nails

1: Paint an ivory gel
2: Coat twice
3: Apply a matte coat
4: Wipe off the surface
5: Draft the pattern of the knit
6: Mix a gel with acrylic powder for a more three-dimensional feel
7: Repeat 2-3 times to make it to the desired height
8: Apply matte coat but thinly to avoid unevenness
9: Wipe off and complete

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