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Top Sweets Make Banana Milk at Home!

Make Banana Milk at Home!


Make Banana Milk at Home!

Do you like banana milk?

case1: plain banana without mixer
■ Ingredients
Banana ... 1
Milk ... 200ml
Honey ... 1 tbsp

■ Steps
① Put the peeled banana in a plastic bag and mash it well.
② Add milk and honey, and mix them to complete!

case2: Banana Oreo milk
■ Ingredients
Banana ... 1
Vanilla ice cream ... 80g
Milk ... 100ml
Oreo ... 2

■ Steps
(1) Put banana, vanilla ice cream, and milk in a mixer and turn until smooth.
② Crush the Oreo and turn it lightly to complete!

case3: yogurt banana milk
■ Ingredients
Banana ... 1
Yogurt ... 50g
Milk ... 50ml
Ice ... 50g
Strawberries ... 3

■ Steps
① Put all ingredients except strawberry in a mixer and turn until smooth.
② Pour some banana juice.
③ Slice strawberry (1 piece) and stick it on the side of the cup.
④ Add strawberry (2 pieces) to the remaining banana juice and rotate until smooth.
⑤ Scoop with a spoon and place gently

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