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Top Sweets Big Rainbow Heart Marshmallow

Big Rainbow Heart Marshmallow


Big Rainbow Heart Marshmallow

CCHAN Cooking
Big Rainbow Heart Marshmallow
Cooking time: about 70 minutes (excluding cooling time)
Material cost: About $7.50

■ Ingredients (frying pan with diameter of 26 cm)
· Gelatin ... 90 g
Granulated sugar ... 400 g + 100 g
· Water ... 500ml
· Egg whites ... 270 g (1 egg 30 g × 9) (keep it well chilled)
· Food color (red · orange · yellow · green · blue) ... a little
· Cornstarch ... 100 g + appropriate amount

■ Steps
Cut the milk carton vertically into 4 equal parts and laminate 4 sheets with tape. Make a heart shape so that it fits inside the frying pan. Put cornstarch on frying pan and put milk carton on top.

1. Add 400 g of water and granulated sugar in a small pan and melt it.
2. Stop the heat and put gelatin in several parts and dissolve.
3. Put egg whites into a large bowl over 21 cm and beat with a hand mixer. Add 100 g of granulated sugar in a few times and whisk until a firm peak stands.
4. Add 2, still warm, from the edge of the bowl and whisk with a hand mixer.
5. Divide the bowl into five bowls, coloring each with food color.
6. Pour one color at a time so that it becomes a layer, and cool it for 2 hours or more in a cool place until it solidifies completely. (If the dough becomes hard before pouring, please make it soft a little by hot water.Please be careful as color mixes as layers are stacked if it is too loose)
7. Shake the cornstarch from above and peel off as you gently push along the border of the milk carton.
Shake cornstarch around it and remove surplus powder and done!

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