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Top Gourmet 【Singapore】Wanton Noodle Bar

【Singapore】Wanton Noodle Bar


【Singapore】Wanton Noodle Bar

Audrey Patricia
Wanton Noodle Bar is truly a place for hipsters who love a good old bowl of traditional wanton noodles! The interior is cool and industrial-styled with bar counter seats, suitable for people who would like a quick and hearty meal! A typical bowl of wanton noodles here comprises of wanton (meat-filled dumpling), char siew (roasted pork), egg noodles and leafy greens. Wanton noodle bar adds it's own twist by offering roast pork belly with the noodles. The pork belly is crispy, juicy and tender all at the same time! The egg noodles were cooked to perfection... Nice and springy! The boiled wantons were delicious, with the pork in the dumpling thoroughly marinated!

Price - Wanton Noodle with Roasted Pork S$5.50

Wanton Noodle Bar

address 52 Amoy Street 069878
ウェブ http://wantonsg.com

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