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Top Diy DIY Mineral Stone Phone Case♡

DIY Mineral Stone Phone Case♡


DIY Mineral Stone Phone Case♡

Just mix the resin and acrylic paint with a toothpick!
You can make various minerals by changing the color!
Feel free to use novel colors ♫
Let's make your own mineral stone smartphone case easily and in a short time (^^) /

[Production time]
Half an hour

[Materials to prepare]
① One smartphone case (video sample is clear use / 100 average)
②Acrylic paint 4 types (video sample is purple, orange, light blue, emerald green)
③ Resin 15g
④Artistic wire # 22 4 cm, 5.5 cm, 6 cm, 1 each
⑤ A little glitter powder
⑥ 3 pearls

[Tools to prepare]
① UV light (UV light reference price 1680 yen amazon)
② Brush
③ Toothpick

① Apply resin to the entire case
② Apply acrylic paint and apply with a toothpick
③ Place 3 artistic wires with pearls on the case
④ Sprinkle glitter powder and cure with UV light for 3-5 minutes

[Tips and points]
◎ Please pull out with tweezers (toothpick) so that air bubbles do not remain on the resin
◎ Be sure to let the resin solidify before taking it out.
◎ Be careful not to spill the resin from the side.
◎ If you put too much acrylic paint on it, it will not cure properly.
◎ If you could not cure it well and want to fix the wire more firmly, put clear resin on the whole and irradiate again for 3 to 5 minutes

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