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Top Diy DIY Smartphone Belt

DIY Smartphone Belt


DIY Smartphone Belt

DIY Smartphone Belt
"Pattern 1"
Trending in Korea♡ Peeping from pocket! "Case with wide belt"
· Smartphone case
· Wide belt
· Two D-ring
· Scissors
· Glue

1, Pass the belt through the D-ring, put glue on, bend and fix
2, Fold the bent part again and stop with the glue
3, Bend through the other D-ring into the belt, then pass through the D-ring again
4, Bend it through the first D-ring as it is, pass it through the second D-ring
5, Stop the end of the belt with glue to prevent frays

"Pattern 2"
Remake and use♪ Elegant and stands out! "Case with a wristwatch belt"
· Smartphone case
· Push pin
· Nipper

1, Remove the clock part and belt part of the wrist watch with pliers and nippers
2, Combine the belts and pass the push pin through the hole in the belt
3, Apply glue to the end of the belt, and attach it to the case to match the size of your fingers

"Pattern 3"
Too easy♪ Firm hold! "Case with arm band"
· Smartphone case
·Arm band

1, Attach the armband to the smartphone case
2, Just put the case on the smartphone

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