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Crunchy Chou-Ice Cream


Crunchy Chou-Ice Cream

CCHAN Cooking
■Ingredients (for 8 pieces)
---- Crunchy Dough ----
· Egg whites ... 60g
· Sugar ... 50 g
· Cake Flour ... 30g
· Almonds ... 70g
---- Chou Pastry ----
· Butter ... 45g
· Salt ... a bit
· Milk ... 100ml
· Cake flour ... 60g
· Eggs ... 100 g
· Ice cream ... appropriate amount

■ Steps
· Crush almonds finely.

1. Add egg whites and sugar to a bowl and mix until whitish.
2. Sift the flour and mix in. Put crushed almonds in and mix further.
3. Pour milk, butter, salt in a pan and boil. Put flour in at once and mix well until fully incorporated.
4. Heat mixture from step 3 over medium heat and let liquid evaporate. Transfer it to bowl.
5. Gradually mix in the beaten egg. Adjust dough until the dough left on the spatula is triangular when scooping and dropping
6. Put in pastry bag and squeeze out in 8 cm long pieces. Pour the crunchy dough over it and bake in oven at 190 ℃ for 20 minutes, lower temperature to 170 ℃ and bake for another 25 minutes. Let cool.
7. Cut each choux puff from step 6 in half and sandwich with milk ice cream. Cool in the freezer and it's done♪

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