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Top Nail Worry not! 3 Ways to self-remove polish

Worry not! 3 Ways to self-remove polish


Worry not! 3 Ways to self-remove polish

CCHAN セルフネイル
I had a gel nails done at a nail salon
I am getting tired of the design ...
I do not have time to go to the nail salon ...
I just want to remove it ...

Has this happened to you?

Furthermore, when painting polish by yourself,
There are times when nails protrude and are difficult to remove, right?

Actually, you can remove it and care for your nails home!
Please challenge yourself to try this by all means!

LESSON 1: How to remove gel nail manicure
① File the entire surface of the nail
② Place the wet cotton with acetone remover on the nail, wrap it with aluminum foil and leave it for 15 minutes
③ Remove the aluminum foil and scrape the loss gel polish with a cuticle pusher tool or file
④ After wiping it with a wet tissue, care with a nail oil and complete it!

LESSON 2: How to remove accidental streaks
① Peel off one side of cotton
② Take a small amount with a toothpick and twist with your finger
③ Wet the cotton with the acetone remover and carefully take off the accidental polish

LESSON 3: How to remove glittery nails
① If you use nail bonder instead of base coat you will be able to take it off as soon as you remove it

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