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Top Hair Look more fashionable! 4 Hairdo'sa

Look more fashionable! 4 Hairdo'sa


Look more fashionable! 4 Hairdo'sa

CCHAN ヘアアレンジ
I want look more fashionable! 4 Hair arrangements

Even though they are easy arrangements, the finish is slightly different from what I imagined… and it’s bothering me!

We will teach a small array of hair arrangements that anyone can imitate!
Just memorizing this will make you more fashionable!
Please do try it by all means ♡

Loose hair
1. After making the ponytail, take a small amount of hair from the temple, ear, front of the ear, back of the neck
2. Point→ Randomly curl in different directions gives more of a free feeling

1. Create a zigzag part to prevent cracking
2. Loosen the two ponytails

Hidden Rubber
1. After making a ponytail, wind a thick bundle of hair around the rubber and substitute as an accessory

1. After making a high pony tail, tie the middle part of the ponytail with a hair rubber
2. Invert the ponytail twice to create even more volume, then loosen
3. Make a bun

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