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Top Hair Quickest Way to Dry Your Hair: Tested!

Quickest Way to Dry Your Hair: Tested!


Quickest Way to Dry Your Hair: Tested!

Did you know? Tips to Dry Your Hair Quicker

Do you have trouble drying your hair?
This time, we will introduce "the tips to dry your hair quickly"!

◆ 1. Towel drying is the key! ◆
We recommend using two face towels instead of bath towels!
The material is highly absorbent microfiber ◎

Roughly remove moisture with the first sheet and finish with the second sheet.
It is efficient to wipe in order from the root to the hair tips!

Daiso: Quick-dry! Hair dry gloves
With gloves on both hands, quick-drying improves even more!

When you're busy taking care of your children ...

Daiso: absorption quick-drying bath turban
Just roll it up and it's OK, so mom can be dried at the same time as the child!

◆ 2. Choose a place if you can!
Move to a low-humidity place, such as a living room, not near a humid bathroom

◆ 3.How to apply the dryer is important!
"Somehow I dry it ..." is NG
Apply to each part like temples, top, back, etc.!
Furthermore, the "root", which is dense and hard to dry, is quick to dry from the "inside"!
Put the towel on your wet hair and dry it with a hair dryer!

★ Verification! Which is the quickest towel dry? ★
① Bath towel
② Use two sheets
③ Glove type towel
④bath turban

Please see the video for the result ♪

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