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Top Diy Dainty Lace Snow Accessories

Dainty Lace Snow Accessories


Dainty Lace Snow Accessories

■ Working time: about 20 minutes
■ Material cost: Approximately $3

· Lace
· Accessory parts
· Adhesive for cloth
· Snow Powder
· Top coat
· Pearl
· Chain
· Round jump ring
· Earring parts
· Scissors
· Pliers

① Apply adhesive to the rim of the accessory parts and paste it on the lace
② Cut the extra lace off after the glue sets
③ Apply top coat on the frame part and the pattern part of the lace, and dust with the snow powder
④ Repeat on the back
(At this time, if the powder covers the edges of the lace, it will be a beautiful finish)
⑤ Pass the pearl through the head pin and curl the end
⑥ Pass the chain through the pin
⑦ Pass the lace parts from ④ and chain through the round jump ring
⑧ Pass ⑥, ⑦, and earring parts through another round jump ring

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