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Top Cooking Popular Korean “UFO” Chicken with Cheese

Popular Korean “UFO” Chicken with Cheese


Popular Korean “UFO” Chicken with Cheese

Surprisingly easy! Popular Korean UFO Chicken with Cheese

UFO Chicken, a cheese fondue made from chicken in sauce
This is the second boom following Cheese Dakgalbi and Korean Cheese Dog!
I wonder if it's troublesome, how to make it! Children and adults will surely be more excited when they come to the table!

■ Ingredients:
① Teriyaki chicken
・ Chicken wings… 8
A. Sugar ... 2 tablespoons
A ・ Mirin (sweet sake) ... 2 tablespoons
A ・ Soy sauce ... 2 tablespoons
A ・ Sake ... 2 tablespoons
A, vinegar ... 1 tbsp
A ・ Grated garlic ... appropriate amount

②Spicy! Yan'nyomu chicken
・ Chicken wings… 8
B. Gochujang ... 2 tablespoons
B · ketchup ... 2 tbsp
B, sugar ... 1 tbsp
B Mirin (sweet sake) ... 2 tablespoons
B ・ Vinegar ... 1 tablespoon
B ・ Grated garlic ... appropriate amount
B, sesame oil ... 1 tbsp
・ White sesame… appropriate amount

・ Cheese for pizza… appropriate amount

■ Steps:
1. Put chicken wings in a frying pan with the skin facing down and bake over medium heat until the whole is crisp
POINT: Wipe off excess oil.

~ Teriyaki chicken ver. ~
2. Mix and add the seasonings from A ingredients listed above, cover, steam for about 10 minutes, and cook until medium.
3. Remove the lid and simmer while shaking until the juice is gone.

~ Yannyom Chicken ver ~
4. Mix and add the seasonings from B ingredients listed above, cover and cook for about 10 minutes, then cook until medium.
POINT: Bake while turning upside down
5. Remove the lid, boil while shaking until the juice is gone, sprinkle with white sesame.
6.Put the cheese for pizza in the skillet, melt it over low heat, place it in the middle of the dish, and put the chicken wings around it to complete!

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