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Top Sweets Berry and Cream Cheese Meringue Sandwich

Berry and Cream Cheese Meringue Sandwich


Berry and Cream Cheese Meringue Sandwich

CCHAN Cooking
We introduce a visually appealing meringue sandwich that makes you feel like a princess ♡

■ Cooking time: Approximately 110 minutes (excluding cold storage time)
■ Ingredients cost: approximately 600 yen

■ Ingredients:
· Egg white ... 60g (M size approximately 2 pieces)
· Granulated sugar ... 100 g
· Starch (potato starch) ... 6g
· Food color (pink) ... a little

<Rare Cream Cheese>
· Fresh cream ... 100ml
· Cream cheese ... 120g
· Yogurt ... 30 g
· Powdered sugar ... 30 g
· Vanilla essence ... a few drops

· Raspberry ... appropriate amount

■ Steps
1. Add egg whites in the bowl and mix with a mixer until it becomes whitish.
2. Separate the granulated sugar in several portions and mix until it’s a firm consistency.
3. Add pink food coloring, add potato starch, then mix with a spatula until it disappears. Put into a squeeze bag, squeeze into bite-sized pieces, then bake for 75 minutes in a 100 ℃ oven. Do not get out of the oven when it is baked, cool it in the cabinet.
4. Soften the cream cheese for a few seconds in the microwave, mix in sugar powder. Add yogurt, vanilla essence and mix. Add heavy cream and put it in a squeeze bag.
5. Sandwich the rare cheese cream and raspberry in between the two meringue parts and complete!

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