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Top Sweets 3 Fun Ways to Use Bear Biscuits

3 Fun Ways to Use Bear Biscuits


3 Fun Ways to Use Bear Biscuits

CCHAN Cooking
Whether it’s driving or taking a bath, we reproduced the everyday life of bear biscuit using familiar sweets ♡

■ Cooking time: about 10 minutes (each)
■ Ingredients cost: about 1120 yen (total)

・ Bear biscuit
・ Icing sugar
・ Topping sugar
・ Snickers (Mini)
・ M & M ’s
・ Biscuit
・ Tart (small)
・ White chocolate
・ Food coloring
・ Chocolate
・ Yogurt ... 100 g
・ Cream cheese ... 70 g
・ Gelatin: 3 g
・ Lemon juice ... a little bit

1 Out on a drive
1. Pour melted chocolate on top of the snickers.
2. Push the bear in the middle and paste m & m's in all directions
3. Draw a bear's face with chocolate and finish by putting m & m's as wheels. (cut in half for the steering wheel)

2 Relaxing in the bath
1. Remove the biscuit sandwich cream into a bowl and add yogurt and cream cheese and mix. Add gelatin and lemon juice and mix further.
2. Pour into the tart and top with sugar.
3. Complete by inserting a bear biscuit

3 Bedtime bear
1. Apply a light pink icing cream to the biscuit from which the cream has been removed and place a bear on it.
2. When dry, apply blue icing cream (in the shape of a blanket) and place on top with star-shaped topping sugar bits.

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