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Top Hair Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid

Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid


Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid

CCHAN ヘアアレンジ
Something that seems to be doing casually everyday
Actually it was the cause of damaged hair!?

With a little thing you can prevent damaged hair!

Try walking one step toward beauty hair that you can try right away from today ♡

Not Good 1: Blow your hair with the dryer from the bottom
It causes split ends.
By drying from the root, not only split hair prevention but also
drying of the hair is getting quicker!

Not Good 2: Iron with wet hair
If you don’t have time to dry your hair in the morning, and do you use hair iron even your hair is wet, don’t you?
The moisture of the hair flew beyond necessity, becoming very dry.
When ironing, the condition that steam is coming out of hair is also Not Good
Let's blow your hair firmly with a dryer!

Not Good 3: Dry dryer with head attached
It seems that it will dry soon ... So many people doing it for reasons such as! What?
Heat hits the hair too much and it gets damaged.
Also, the scalp is overloaded more than necessary, the scalp itchy or cause dandruff as well!
Keep at least 10 cm away, so be careful not to hit the same place.

Not Good 4: Natural drying / sleeping while wet
In an environment where bacteria are likely to propagate by continuing the wet state!
Not only will it cause odor, itching, dandruff, but the cuticle is in a state that is easily damaged.
Once the detached cuticle is not healed, after washing her hair
We recommend that you dry as soon as possible!

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