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Top Diy Fairy light for a fairy tale room

Fairy light for a fairy tale room


Fairy light for a fairy tale room

A fairy tale light like a light bulb shining with fairy light ♪
Enchanted by the silhouette of the fairy that floats softly ♡
Try to catch only your fairy!

【What to prepare】
· Light bulb bottle (100 yen shop)
· Bond for woodworking
· Eyedropper
· water
· Disposable dish
· gloves
· Brush
· Snow Powder
· Cardboard
· Scissors
·Scotch tape
· Bottle light (100 yen shop)
· Artificial flower
· Ribbon

【How to make】
1, Remove the lid of the light bulb bottle
2, Paint the bulb bottle with a mixture of woodworking bond and water
3, Sprinkle the snow powder, drop the remaining powder
4, dry
5, Cut the cardboard into a fairy shape
6, Tape the fairy
7, Put a fairy in a bulb bottle after rolling, firmly stick it
8, Put light bulbs inside the light bulb, decorate with ribbons and artificial flowers
9, Put the lid on

Let's decorate our room like a storybook fairy tale ♡

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