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Top Sweets Goldfish Jelly Sweets♡

Goldfish Jelly Sweets♡


Goldfish Jelly Sweets♡

CCHAN Cooking
■ Ingredients (8 pieces)
(Goldfish and aquatic plants)
· Glutinous rice flour ... 1 g
· Water ... 3ml
· Sweet white bean paste … 50g
· Green tea powder ... a little
· Food coloring (red) ... a little
· Edible gold powder ... a little
· Water ... 400ml
· Powdered agar ... 4 g
· Granulated sugar ... 150g
· Starch syrup ... 25g
· Boiled red beans ... 8 beans

■ Steps
1. Add water to the rice flour, stir it, and add it to the white bean paste and mix well
2. Microwave at 600 w for 30 seconds, mix, heat for 30 seconds and mix again
3. Divide the prepared paste mixture in half. Divide one half further into three pieces, add green tea powder to one, and add red food coloring to another and knead
4. Roll out the white paste with a rolling pin and place a little red paste on top. Roll it out a few times so that the pastes blend together a little.
5. Roll out the red paste and cut out 8 goldfishes from each with a cookie cutter
6. Cut the green tea dough into thin pieces
7. Put water and powdered agar in a small pan, put over medium heat, boil, turn it to low heat and boil for 2 minutes
8. Add granulated sugar, and once it boils again, add starch syrup and stop the heat
9. Pour the agar solution about 1 cm into the jelly mold, put a piece of goldfish in when it gets a little firm, and then add agar solution
10. When it gets a little firmer, add gold powder and another goldfish, aquatic plants, boiled red beans, and put the remaining agar solution in. Chill in a refrigerator for 30 minutes, and finish by plating it♪

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