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Top Nail Real Tapioca on Your Nails!

Real Tapioca on Your Nails!


Real Tapioca on Your Nails!

An unprecedented tapioca boom … happening at your fingertips!

Tapioca drink
1: Stick a plastic tape on the pen and apply clear gel twice.
2: Cut extra part of the edge with scissors and scrape with a file.
3: Take the inner tape, put a round tape on the bottom and apply clear gel to the whole.
4: Put blackened pearls in and colored water in the cup.
5: Cover with a tape, apply gel and stick a straw.

5: Apply black gel twice.
6: Wipe the surface of the nail.
7: Stick a letter sticker.
8: Apply clear gel to eliminate unevenness of the sticker.
9: Apply a matte coat.
10: Apply pearl sand gold ball with clear gel.
11: Paste tapioca drink on nail with firm clear gel and complete.

produced by cin-cia nail academy @ cincia_nail

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