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Top Diy DIY: Shelf Idea

DIY: Shelf Idea


DIY: Shelf Idea

■ Working time: about 120 minutes (excluding drying)
■ Material cost: Approximately $10

【What to prepare】
· Daiso Dish Stand 2 set
· Daiso woodcut 45 cm × 9 cm
· 2 objects of surfboard
· Word object "Beach" 1 piece
· 1 object of the surfer
· Acrylic paint yellow, light blue, white
· Plain brush
· Bond for woodworking

【How to make】
* Please protect with hands and floor with vinyl, newspaper, vinyl gloves etc. so as not to get dirty with paint.
① Take a stick between dish stands and disassemble, paint yellow and dry.
② Paint and dry five sides of the woodcut with light blue color, and paint one side of the back white.
③ When the dish stand and woodcut are dry, assemble it into a shelf shape and fix it with glue.
④ Completed decorating the surface of the shelf with summer-like objects such as surfboards !!

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