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Top Diy DIY Bird Seed Jewelry Plate

DIY Bird Seed Jewelry Plate


DIY Bird Seed Jewelry Plate

DIY Bird Seed Jewelry Plate

A cute plate made of slippery resin clay when dried ♪
You can see the color inside by cutting layers one after another
A fashionable plate is completed ^^
You can even use it for dessert dishes ◎

[Production time]
50 minutes (excluding drying time)

[Materials to prepare]
① Resin clay 10g each (pastel purple (20g), blue, yellow, pastel green used)
② Bird pattern (whole, feather pattern)

[Tools to prepare]
① Clay spatula
② Cutter knife
③ Cooking sheet
④ Rolling pin
⑤ Plate-shaped sphere (Christmas ornaments used in the video)

(1) Place the clay in the center of the cooking sheet and stretch it with a rolling pin to a thickness of about 1 mm.
② Put the bird's pattern on the clay and cut it with a spatula.
③ Match the pattern of the feather pattern and lightly trace with a spatula to give a pattern
④ Make sure that the one with the handle of ③ on the sphere is on the inside and press it with your hand to make a curve so that it becomes the shape of a plate
⑤ Remove from the sphere and dry for 1 to 2 days
(6) Use a cutter knife to cut the handle (5) deeper at large areas and shallower at small areas.

[Tips and points]
◎ Clay should be stretched to a thickness of 1 to 1.5 mm
If each layer is thick, it may cause the color to not come out neatly.
◎ The mold is curved so that it will be a plate, but please adjust the depth to your liking.
◎ Before the resin clay is completely dry, start patterning with a cutter knife.
If the clay is not solid, the layers may collapse when scraped
◎ When cutting with a cutter, it is easier to see the colors if you pay attention to the angle of the cut.
◎ Be careful not to cut your hand when using the cutter knife.
◎ When you cut clay according to the pattern, you can also cut it with a cutter knife without a spatula.
In that case, please work by laying a cutter mat etc. under the cooking paper.

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