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Top Diy Beautiful Blue Gel Candle

Beautiful Blue Gel Candle


Beautiful Blue Gel Candle

・ IH cooking heater
・ One-handed pot (not used for cooking after use)
・ Mold (cube)
・ Gel candle hard
・ Aroma oil
・ Liquid dye for candles
・ Toning stick
・ Scissors
・ Lighter
・ Bamboo skewer
・ Candle wick
1. Put gel candle in pot and heat it to melt. ※ Attention not to burn yourself!!
2. Add a few drops of your favorite aroma oil.
3. Put an appropriate amount into the mold. Drop a few drops of the dye and mix lightly to make a pattern. Cool until the candle hardens.
4. Take out from the mold and shape while cutting with scissors.
5. Put it on a plate, melt the surface with the lighter to make it glossy. Wait until the surface cools and hardens.
6. Once the candle is hardened, stick a bamboo skewer and pass the wick through the hole!!

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