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Life Hack

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Life Hack

100 Yen Shop Lunch Box Items

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100 Yen Shop Lunch Box Items

■ Easy by microwave! Dashi-rolled Egg
· 1 egg
· 1 tablespoon of water
· 1 g dashi

1) Egg and water are put in a transparent container and mixed so as to cut egg whites
2) Heat at 500 W for 40 seconds in a microwave
3) Add the granulated dashi, mix and heat it again for 500 W for 40 seconds
4) Overlay yellow pushing part from above and fix with yellow flap
5) Complete after 1 minute.

■ Sausage cutter set
· Wiener sausage

[Steps] (for octopus)
1) Push the wiener against the top of the cutter and insert a notch
2) Press against a red mold, make a face
3) Bake, boil, cook as you like

In addition to Octopus you can make crabs, penguins, pigs, flowers ☆

■ Seaweed roll mold heart
Decorative furikake
· One bowl of hot rice
· Shamoji
· Kitchen knife

1) Sprinkle a bag of furikake on the rice, mix it
2) Lay seaweed on mold and put rice on top of it
3) Put in a lot, close the mold and keep it tight
4) If there is a seaweed that sticks out at this time, open it once and hold it down again after putting it in
5) Remove the lid on the right side, slide the roll and cut with a wet kitchen knife