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Green Tea Kinako Tiramisu Cups


Green Tea Kinako Tiramisu Cups

CCHAN Cooking
■ Ingredients
・ Egg yolk ... for 2
・ Sugar ... 40g
・ Egg white ... 2 pieces
・ Mascarpone ... 150g
・ Fresh cream ... 60ml
・ Castella ... 2 pieces
・ Matcha (green tea) ... 3 tbsp
・ Hot water ... 60ml
・ Anko (red bean paste) ... 60g

---- For decoration ----
・ Kinako ... an appropriate amount
・ Matcha powder ... appropriate amount

■ Steps
* Prepare fresh cream for 8 minutes
* Separate eggs into egg yolk and egg white
* Melt matcha powder in hot water

1. Add half the sugar to the yolk and mix until it becomes whitish. Add mascarpone and mix.
2. Divide the egg white with the remaining sugar several times to make meringue.
3. Put the fresh cream in 1 and mix, then mix the meringue in 2 3 times and mix
4. Spread castella on the bottom of the glass and sprinkle with matcha to soak
5. Put red bean paste, cheese cream, castella, green tea, bean paste, cheese cream in this order and cool in the refrigerator
6. Sprinkle green tea powder and kinako powder to complete!

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